Business Process Re-engineering

Many energy marketers are employing the same business processes on the HVAC side of the business that they did years ago. Often times these processes are the result of “the way we have always done it,” rather than a deliberate evaluation and reexamination of the way technicians are dispatched, installation jobs are planned and fulfilled, and documentation is completed.

How Business Consulting Can Make Your Company More Profitable

Consider the processes in place for your employees and management. Are they effective for individual and company growth?

ServicEdge™ technician focus groups provide great insights into how these business practices can be improved to create efficiencies, better communication, and save time and money. In addition, when the techs are involved in evaluating and recommending processes for change, the implementation aspect becomes easier. Along with strategic marketing and professional training, ServicEdge provides the support your technicians need to thrive and create more profitable opportunities for your business.

“After a mild winter and oil sales down, we realized we were heading into a rough spring on the service side of things. Thankfully, since implementing our ServicEdge™ targeted marketing database, we have been able to identify over $1.3 million in sales opportunities in just one year.”

– Joe Murray, Service Manager, Griffith Energy, Rochester