Customer Service Representative Training

Your Customer Service Representatives are in direct contact with your customers and are a resource for homeowners interested in your products and services. For this reason, it is important your CSRs are extremely knowledgeable about your offerings and can appropriately articulate the value.

ServicEdge™ training modules offered are as follows:

  • Pricing questions
  • Value of full-service providers
  • Value of service plans
  • Why upgrading equipment makes sense
  • Incentive plans for CSRs
  • How to respond to gas conversion calls

When was the last time you had formal training for your CSRs? Do you monitor your calls and what is being said, and do you offer coaching in a meaningful, consistent way?

Engaging with ServicEdge for professional CSR training provides unique opportunities to achieve these goals:

  • Consistent, correct answers to customer inquiries
  • Sales opportunities acted on
  • Customer retention
  • Better morale, as CSRs are properly trained and equipped to take care of customers