Service Edge Next Gen Oil Pros

Promoting Workforce Development in the Energy Industry

The energy industry is facing a major challenge: filling positions left open by an aging and retiring workforce. We have the solution. ServicEdge™ has partnered with state associations to create a workforce development program specifically designed for the energy industry.

GeneratioNext Propane Pros (for the propane industry) and Generation NEXT Energy Pros (for the oil and Bioheat® industry) is a platform that connects local technical students with oil and propane employers.

The Results Speak for Themselves

13 state association programs launched
287 participating oil and propane companies
718 participating applicants

Start Workforce Development in Your State

The program utilizes an online platform, local speaking engagements, and strategic marketing outreach to:

  • Promote the benefits of your industry to the future workforce
  • Connect local technical students and energy pros with prospective employers
  • Build relationships with trade schools and instructors

Submit your information below to learn more about implementing a program in your state and qualifying for federal or state funding.

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