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Myth vs. Fact: Learn the Truth about the Future of Our Industry and Bioheat®


The Situation

Your company has survived past threats from supply, price, and utility competition, but now faces an unparalleled and organized threat from state government. Unlike the other threats, this one has the power to assess carbon taxes that will be harmful to your business, offer fi­nancial incentives to convert away from oil, and even legislate you out of business.

The Solution

BIOHEAT® — MADE FROM AMERICA'S ADVANCED BIOFUEL, BIODIESEL. Blending varying amounts of biodiesel with heating oil will reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. A 20% blend provides a 16% reduction. Increasing the blend to 50% will reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

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Don’t miss this informative training session designed and presented by respected industry experts. You will increase your knowledge about fuel quality, rapidly changing fuel standards, and policy directives that are guaranteed to impact your business:

  • Myths and facts surrounding Bioheat®
  • Fuel Quality 101 and Beyond: How you can get more out of every gallon of oil you sell and service
  • Basics behind carbon taxation legislation and why it’s a threat to your job and your company's future success
  • Selling techniques: How you can tell the low carbon liquid fuel story and restore consumer con­fidence with the oil you sell and service

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