Technician Focus Groups

Who do your customers think of when they think of your oil or propane business? Your technicians are the face of your company to the homeowner; they are the front line of your business and in direct contact with your customers.

Most companies provide their technicians with technical training at least every six months, but when was the last time you provided your technicians with customer service training? Your technicians are interacting with your customers each and every day. Are they portraying the company the way you would, as energy professionals? Are they informing the customers of all the products and services you offer? Are they bringing new opportunities or concerns to management’s attention?

Increase Efficiency and Get Results

Our experienced facilitators can get your technicians and line managers on the same page and discover important business process areas that can be re-evaluated and improved. This will increase efficiency, reduce costs, escalate capacity without increasing overhead, and increase billable hours, because in the service department isn’t that what we are really selling – billable hours?

“With gallons and margins down, ServicEdge™ helped us instill the HVAC mentality into our company. The focus groups with the technicians emphasized the importance of communicating repairs and/or upgrades to the homeowner. Our technicians are now focused on capitalizing on the opportunity of the face-to-face communication with our customers. This has not only increased revenue in the service department, it also allows us to inform the customers of all the services Needham Oil & Air provides.”

– Erin Woodcock, Needham Oil & Air