“We’ve worked with marketing and consulting companies in the past; ServicEdge is unlike any of those companies – it’s a true partnership in which our goals and objectives are achieved. ServicEdge takes a holistic approach starting with the financials, throughout the process working with nearly every person in the organization, and they continue to be part of our long term growth strategy. As part of the process we restructured our service plans, improving revenue, developing additional revenue streams, and increasing enrollment! ServicEdge has a unique knowledge of our competitive industry and recommended programs to suit our growth vision. The training ServicEdge provided to our technicians and office staff increased their confidence and improved our customer service resulting in more successful customer interactions. Working with ServicEdge not only significantly improved our service department but turned our strategic vision into profitable results.”

- Rich, Owner of Rich’s Oil Service

“Like a lot of oil dealers, we found our service department struggling and needed some powerful solutions to turn things around. We decided to partner with ServicEdge™ and the results so far have been excellent. ServicEdge took a thorough and very thoughtful review of our existing business and proposed solutions that fit our needs. I would highly recommend them - great business partners to work with.”

- Rob Walker, President, Jay Gress, Inc.

“With gallons and margins down, ServicEdge helped us instill the HVAC mentality into our company. The focus groups with the technicians emphasized the importance of communicating repairs and/or upgrades to the homeowner. Our technicians are now focused on capitalizing on the opportunity of the face-to-face communication with our customers. This has not only increased revenue in the service department, it also allows us to inform the customers of all the services Needham Oil & Air provides. Through the process, we are also tracking viable sales leads within our targeted marketing database. With over $650,000 in identified sales targets, we are confident we will be able to use the leads to ­fill traditionally slow times of the year!”

- Erin Woodcock, Needham Oil & Air

“We made the strategic decision to partner with ServicEdge to take our service department to the next level. The results have been very powerful and sustaining. Profitability and customer satisfaction are up and we are executing at a very high level. I would highly recommend ServicEdge to oil dealers looking to improve their service department.”

- Donnie Burch, Burch Oil & Propane

“ServicEdge is not just another consulting company. Unlike other consultants, they truly became an extension of Dupuis Oil. ServicEdge not only increased the profitability of our maintenance plans by over $15,000 in one month alone, they worked with our team to ensure everyone fully understood the new value proposition to the homeowner. Their onsite presence has made the changes seamless in our office as well as to our customers. ServicEdge was able to understand our needs and really become a one-stop shop for efficiency gains, rebranding, and product diversification. They even assisted with our launch into propane! We have the plan and process in place that has changed the way we approach service and are excited to continue making more money through our partnership with ServicEdge.”

- Marc Dupuis, Dupius Oil

“The ServicEdge process has really helped us focus on the things that can make a difference; separating our service business from oil sales helped that tremendously. The focus groups conducted by ServicEdge were very positive for our techs and service manager. We came out of those sessions with a plan to revise several key processes in our service area. These changes have made a tremendous difference in our service department. We implemented the dentist-style tune-up postcard method. In only nine months, we’ve done almost 200 more tune-ups year over year. Using the targeted marketing database, we amassed $300,000 in targeted revenue so far and have already closed $100,000 worth! I would highly recommend the ServicEdge process for any full-service company that wants to be highly competitive and more profitable.”

- Kevin Horgan, Ayer Oil, Chairman of the Board - Mass Oilheat Council

“ServicEdge helped us put a plan together that has made a very positive impact on our service department. We now measure and look at our service business and oil sales separately. This means the revenue and expenses are clearly differentiated for each part of the business. This helped us focus on things we could change; the focus group session brought it together. We now have a plan and process in place that is really changing how we approach service and we are more profitable.”

- Rich Spence, Albert Culver Company

“ServicEdge has helped us in a number of areas. We think the best part of the process was the technician focus groups. ServicEdge worked with our techs and office staff and got everybody to evaluate our business processes. The changes we made to internal communications and processes really have helped efficiency. ServicEdge consulted us on our service plans and their re-engineered service plans generated profits of over $100,000 in only three months! We have come out of the overall ServicEdge program with a plan for profitability improvement that we are really excited about and we have already closed $90,000 in sales from our targeted marketing database.”

- Michael Januario, Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services

“The targeted marketing database has been essential in generating sales leads in a traditionally slow time of year for sales. Utilizing this database has accounted for $20,000 in sales in the months of February and March. With over $1,200,000 in remaining identified sales targets, I look forward to utilizing the process to ensure sales in the months to come!”

- Glen DuFour, Superior Plus Energy, Howard Division

“After a mild winter and oil sales down, we realized we were heading for a rough spring on the service side of things. Thankfully, since implementing our ServicEdge targeted marketing database, we have been able to identify over $1.3 million in sales opportunities in just one year. This program has given our hard working technicians and service department peace of mind knowing we will have additional work moving forward for a long time – and we have closed $100,000 of these targets so far.”

- Joe Murray, Service Manager, Griffith Energy, Rochester

“ServicEdge changed our whole mindset and approach to the service aspect of our business. The ServicEdge team ran technician focus groups, financial pro formas, and even created and instituted a marketing calendar entirely focused on ROI. They helped us create and implement an employee incentive program and the results have been astounding. I was never a big fan of consultants, but I was extremely impressed with ServicEdge. I would strongly encourage ServicEdge to any company looking to increase profitability in their service department. We made money in June for the first time in company history after employing their program!”

- James Falconi, Falconi Energy